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The size of your contributions should be within the limit of 10 pages (c. 18.000 characters with spaces, including footnotes and bibliography) and 5 plates / illustrations. Scanned illustrations should have the high resolution of 300 DPI (or JPG). In case more text or illustration space is needed, please consult it with us.

The publication of all photographs of art works and documentation housed in libraries, museums or private collections requires a written permission of their legal owners.

We would appreciate it if you could kindly follow the guidelines below. This will facilitate editorial work and help to preserve a uniform character of the volume.

The text should use Times New Roman fonts, the font size should be 12.


The quotations should be inserted in the text between double quotation marks (“   “). The source of the quotations must be indicated by a note. If the quotations contain other quotations, these last ones should be arranged between single quotations (‘   ‘). An eventual omission inside the quotation must be indicated with three dots put between square parentheses […]; and in the same way each eventual addition must be put between square parentheses.


The cross-reference of the notes must be indicated throughout the text by a progression of numbers placed in upper index. The number must be preceded by the punctuation mark.


The bibliographical indications must be inserted in the comment notes about the text. The bibliographical reference must be presented in the following order and the following way:


First name initial, last name of the author(s), title of the book in italics, volume, if necessary (for instance: vol. 1 – or – vols. 3–4 – etc.), the city, and the year of publication, and at the end, the page(s) in which the citation or reference in the text appears.

In the case of a collection of studies the title is mentioned first, then the editor, editor(s), preceded by “ed. by”; then the city and the year of publication, and at the end, the page(s). For example:

T. Kolias, Byzantinische Waffen, Wien 1988, pp. 67–70.

L’arte Bizantina in Grecia, ed. by A.A. Novello, G. Dimitrokallis, Milano 1995, p. 192.

The next reference to these books:

T. Kolias, op. cit., p. 89.

L’arte Bizantina ..., pp. 192–196.

T. Kolias, Byzantinische Waffen ..., p. 89.